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Sevier County Courthouse and sheriff's Dept.

Two of the most historic landmarks in Downtown Sevierville are the Sevier County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Department. Read all about the history of Sevier County and the services you can find in the Courthouse at this link.

Also, check out what’s going on with other county organizations here. Stay up-to-date on current news and events on the Sevier County website.

In addition to the Courthouse and Sheriff’s Department, you can find local insurance agencies, law offices, medical professionals, and banking services inhabiting Downtown.

Insurance Agencies

Downtown Sevierville is home to two insurance agencies on Court Avenue. Farm Bureau and Ownby Insurance Service are sure to provide top notch services to locals with the convenience of Downtown offices.


  1. Lining the streets of Court Avenue are plenty of law offices to help you with almost any situation you find yourself. Delius Mckenzie PLLC, GWO & McCarter Firm, Shults Law Office, Johnson, Murrell & Associates, and Andrew Farmer are all based in Downtown Sevierville. 


  1. 20/20 Optical also calls Downtown Sevierville its home, ready to provide quality eye care to every patient looking for a trusted optometrist on Bruce Street. 
  3. Leconte Medical Center is also just a short drive from Downtown.


Local banking services can also be found close by at Sevier County Bank (111 East Main Street) and the BB&T building (110 East Main Street).

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