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From inception to execution, Compass Development is East Tennessee’s #1 choice for commercial development.

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What Sets Compass Apart?

Innovation and Efficiency.

Kacie Huffaker

Kacie Huffaker



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Dakota Montgomery



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Macee Tinker

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Austin Williams

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Compass has led in Development of East Tennessee with Quality Infrastructure and Commercial Projects since 1992

Much as a compass is used to find the right direction, Compass strives to find the path to a better tomorrow. Compass makes a big impact as a visionary in community development, residential transformation and commercial project execution. Proudly partnering with entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies and organizations alike in the Great Smoky Mountains and throughout all of East Tennessee to bring Top Return On Investment to all areas of Business and Commerce.

Our Vision

Bringing communities together with new developments that provide new opportunities for economic growth, while threading in pieces of their history.

Our Path

Compass believes in building a Team of highly skilled individuals that allows all aspects of project development to be brought together in one company for groundbreaking efficiency and execution.

30+ Years in Commercial Development Achievements by Compass

Why Choose Compass?

We work with companies and investors from a diverse range of industries. Our focus is finding the perfect alignment between design, concept and top return on investment.

Whether in our home of Sevier County, East Tennessee, or throughout the Southeast we create developments that improve the world of those who live, play, or visit our locations while providing excellent returns to our partners and investors. Focusing on solving the workforce housing issue in Sevier County, helping to revitalize Downtown Sevierville, and many other projects, Compass will continue to grow to  impact the East Tennessee region. 

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