127 Bruce Street

Downtown Sevierville

Historic Downtown Sevierville

Compass has purchased the 127 Bruce Street building as part of its efforts to revitalize downtown Sevierville. 127 Bruce Street has been vacant ever since its former use as the old Salvation Army. Now, Compass plans to remodel the building into a modern space that enriches the downtown experience. Originally a brick building, 127 Bruce Street was covered in a stucco facade at some point in the 80s or 90s. When construction starts in Spring 2020, Compass plans to take the building back to its original brick look.

Prime Downtown Location Remodel

Several new outdoor features are planned as part of the remodel. Rooftop seating will add to the urban appeal of the building, providing an open-air space ideal for a restaurant or taproom. Additionally, a patio area is planned for the backside of the building, complete with a stage for small bands to perform. With its appealing brick design and trendy outdoor features, 127 Bruce Street will offer exciting new opportunities for local businesses.

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