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First Impressions

  1. Locals know Downtown Sevierville as a captivating piece of history with endless stories to tell of its charm and once overflowing vitality. Visitors see Downtown Sevierville as a welcoming group of old-fashioned buildings and businesses waiting to be explored.  Developers view Downtown Sevierville as an intriguing opportunity for growth, restoration, and revitalization that will better serve the needs of people living, working, and vacationing in the area. We have a passion for bringing more life to the downtown Sevierville historic district by enhancing housing, restaurant, and streetscape options, as well as assisting planning and management of events returning to the streets this Summer 2021! We’ve compiled this list of Downtown Sevierville’s must-visits so that you can enjoy your time in our home full of charm and unparalleled uniqueness. 

What's On The Agenda

Make Downtown Sevierville your next stop in East Tennessee and venture through surrounding areas on your way! Leave enough room in your schedule to tour the town, eat your heart out, and shop ‘til you drop! Maybe even plan your dates around an upcoming event! Check out some of the town’s multiple professional offices close by if you are looking to move to the area soon. There is no better time to live in Sevier County, Tennessee than now! Whether you are visiting from out of town, planning to relocate, or vacationing in the area, allow Compass to guide you in the right direction! 

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Why We Love It

With a passionate focus on developing projects in the Smoky Mountain market, we combine expertise in concept creation, project design, management, marketing, and real estate to create the most successful business models. We also focus heavily on successful returns for our partners and healthy relationships with our customers. We know what works, and facilitating development of dream projects in a place like this is how we thrive. Downtown Sevierville holds a special place in our heart as we work to preserve the roots of original businesses while inviting new ones to fill the open spaces. We invite you to experience the town for yourself by visiting the list of businesses we love linked below!

The Smoky Mountain area is facing an overwhelming housing shortage making it immensely difficult to find your next home in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, or Gatlinburg. However, there are options in Downtown and nearby worth looking into.

Before arriving in Downtown Sevierville, book your stay at a hotel nearby! Check out the options to choose from here!

There is no better real estate than the heart of Sevierville, Tennessee, and with a growing streetscape in Downtown Sevierville, you do not want to miss out on joining the community!

Historic Downtown’s increasing popularity welcomes many enjoyable events to the area! Public gatherings are coming back to Sevierville this year.


Downtown Sevierville is home to must-visit restaurants of culinary excellence. Whether you are looking for a grab-n-go breakfast, a casual lunch spot, or an upscale dinner, Downtown has the place for you.


  1. Find your trusted barber or salon in Downtown Sevierville. These places bring even more diversity to the streetscape of Bruce Street and Court Avenue. 

Be sure not to overlook the shopping opportunities in Downtown Sevierville. Many stores have been a part of the streetscape for years, and others are new and ready to make their mark! 

Whether you are seeking a place to relax or release energy, there are two wonderful options in historic Downtown! 

Two things that typically go hand-in-hand are history and art. Downtown Sevierville displays some of the greatest combinations of those.

Some of Downtown’s most historic landmarks are located just off Court Avenue. The Sevier County Courthouse and Sevier County Sheriff’s Department can be found near the Dolly Parton statue.

Downtown Sevierville accommodates many professional offices with space to welcome more. Click the link below for more information on agencies in Sevierville.

You can find an array of law offices in Downtown with attorneys to help you with almost any situation you find yourself. 

Downtown currently houses one optometrist and is conveniently located near the hospital, urgent cares, and physicians’ offices.

Nearby banking is a necessity, and Downtown has a few local options. 

Historic Downtown Sevierville sits in a prime location, with some of the top-visited cities in the nation just a short drive away. Check out those places at the link below.

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